Glass pool fencing in Perth may not be a practice as old as mesh pool fencing, but there is a reason its popularity has always been on the rise. And for those that do not already know, it is possible to fence your pool using glass instead of the traditional pool fencing materials. An innovation that is similar to using Perth bore water to fill your pool in its ability to change the pool industry.

In this post, we shall uncover some of the reasons why glass pool fencing is way better for your pool than any other fencing material.

And don’t worry – you won’t need to win the lottery or seek financial advice here in Perth – glass can be almost as affordable as metal!!


1. Glass fences are associated with peace and tranquility.


The same feeling we have when living in a glass house or exploring the sea in an underwater glass tunnel is the very feeling we get when swimming in a pool fenced using glass. There is that quaint and relaxed feeling you get both as a swimmer and observer. It’s particularly great if say, you work at home in marketing or corporate IT as you can spend all day marvelling at it.

Over the years, glass has been associated with positive therapeutic effects; the same effects you get to enjoy if you opt to glass-fence your pools.

Even better, you can experiment with different colour shades and transparency levels depending on what works best for you. Lighter shades of blue, yellow or pink are known to be great mood lifters. If you cannot get your hands on these, you can still do well with clear glass.


2. Easy to monitor events in the pool and outside.


Another reason for the popularity of glass pool fencing in Perth is that glass enables you to monitor events in and out of the pool. If you are a parent, you can safely monitor your kids swim and respond to any emergencies as soon as they happen. And if you happen to be the one in the pool, you can still enjoy your graceful dips as you watch on your kids play outside. Not only do you get to keep an eye on your kids, but your pets too. Even intruders won’t go without notice.

If you care about a little privacy, you can opt for a translucent or one-way glass which enables you to seamlessly swim as you keep tabs on the happenings in your yard. This is the kind of safety that does not come with other pool fencing materials such as concrete.


3. Glamour and aesthetic appeal.


When it comes to offering glamour and aesthetic appeal to your swimming pool, nothing comes close to glass. The idea of swimming in a glass-fenced pool as you relish the beauty of Mother Nature is only part of the glamor that these fences promise. It is a way to enjoy yourself while keeping tabs with the magnificent scenery around your home. Your lush backyard, picturesque flower garden and the entire neighborhood are all within close view.

If you happen to have a party going on in your backyard, there will be no such thing as attending to some guests in the yard and others in the pool. This is because the glass fence creates a seamless boundary between your pool and the yard. And since glass pools still remain the less popular among fencing materials in Perth, you enjoy get to enjoy the rare aesthetic appeal it offers. This explains why such fences are still popular only in luxurious Perth suburbs.


4. Good for curb appeal


Consider all the benefits of glass pool fence we have discussed above and picture how much it would add to the curb value of your property in the event you put it up for sale. As we have already mentioned, glass offers a quaint, luxurious feel and is associated with high-end homes. So, any prospective buyer, upon seeing the glass fence around your pool, will immediately associate your house with a touch of elegance. Therefore, you can leverage the rarity and luxury of glass pool fences to gain a psychological advantage over those prospective buyers, ensuring you adjust prices to match accordingly.

Needless to mention, glass pool fences also require minimal maintenance. This is for the simple reason that glass is relatively easier to clean. Most of the time, you will not require cleaning detergents and a mere wiping and rinsing will do. In the end, you will discover you never spent a significant amount maintaining your fence. Your only concern will be possible scratches or breakage, which are not a common occurrence anyways.


Evidently, there are so many reasons why you would prefer to install glass fences around your pool. From the magical therapeutic feelings it offers to the immense curb appeal it adds to your home; the list of benefits is long. Just remember that glass fence installation comes with its fair share of hassles.

Therefore, always consult professional service providers of glass pool fencing in Perth for all your installation and even maintenance needs.