Swimming pools are a fun way to exercise and get friends and family together for parties. They often become the central gathering place of a home. But pools can also be dangerous. This is the main reason why pool fencing is so important.

Benefits of Pool Fencing

There are many benefits to installing a pool fence. But the fence needs to be properly maintained and grass and weeds need to be removed with a quality whipper snipper. 

The benefits you will receive with a properly maintained pool fence:

  • Safety

Pool fencing will help keep children, the elderly, and pets from accidentally falling into the water. It also adds a layer of security to keep out trespassers.

  • It is the Law

In many areas, fencing can be required by law. This law was put into place to protect you from lawsuits and help prevent drowning deaths.

  • Can Save You Money

Many insurance companies will give you a discount after you have installed a pool fence that is secure and safe.

  • Adds Privacy

Depending on the type of pool fence you install, you can add an extra layer of privacy. If you are in a neighbourhood surrounded by homes, a fence can keep the prying eyes of your neighbours at bay.

  • Aesthetics

There are many types of pool fences you can choose from. The fences vary in material, style, and size. Installing a pool fence that works well with the design of your home can add to the aesthetics and greatly improve the look of your home and pool area.

6 Types of Pool Fencing

Installation of pool fencing is extremely important for guaranteeing the safety of people and animals. Not only will it add safety to your home, it will also change the outward appearance of your property

So, when you choose your pool fencing, you will want to choose a fence that will add to the beauty of your home instead of taking away from it.

Types of Pool Fencing:

  • Wood Pool Fence

Wood fencing is one of the most traditional types of fencing used. They are great for providing privacy and protection. You can have them built in all different types of shapes, sizes, and colours. They are highly durable and will last for many years if properly maintained.

  • Vinyl Pool Fence

Vinyl fencing is becoming more popular. It is very easy to maintain and requires very little maintenance. The fencing is resistant to humidity, water, and many types of chemicals. It will never rust or rot. With proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

  • Aluminium Pool Fencing

If you are looking for a simple and durable fencing option, aluminium is a good choice. It is fairly cheap to install and will not rust. However, aluminium fencing does not provide much privacy.

  • Glass Pool Fence

Glass pool fencing is becoming extremely popular. It is aesthetically pleasing and looks modern and clean. Since the fencing is made of glass, nothing is obstructing your view. Glass is durable and easy to maintain. You can purchase either a frameless or semi-frameless glass fence.

  • Wrought Iron Pool Fences

Wrought iron fences are classic. They are durable and elegant. This type of fencing is costly and requires a large investment. It is often used because of its aesthetic appeal. Wrought iron fencing requires a lot of maintenance since it will rust over time. It does not provide much privacy.

  • Mesh Pool Fences

Mesh pool fencing is strong. It is a popular choice for families whose main concern is safety. It is often made from tightly woven steel. The chin links are small, which prevents climbing. However, you can freely see through the fence, and you will not have to worry about gusts of wind blowing it over.

Pool Fence Maintenance

Once you have your pool fence installed, it must be maintained. Each type of fencing will have its own special needs. To learn more about how to maintain your pool fence, read the manufacturer’s directions. 

These directions must be followed exactly. Not doing so can damage the fence.

Tips for maintaining your pool fence:

  • Spray your Pool Fence Regularly

Since the fence is outside, it will get dirty fast. To keep it clean and looking good, take your garden hose and spray it off regularly.

  • Remove Stains

No matter how hard you try to keep your fence clean, it will get stains and unexplainable marks. Using your manufacturer’s directions, clean off these stains.

  • Check the Hardware

Over time, the hardware can come loose or get damaged. Make sure that everything is tight and in good shape. If a piece is damaged, have it replaced.

  • Stay Current on Your Landscaping

It may not seem like a big deal, but your landscaping can damage the fence. It is important that you stay current on your landscaping. If you have bushes planted near the fence, keep them cut back, so they do not scratch it.

If there are trees nearby, the roots can damage the fence by shoving it or pushing it out of the ground. And keep your grass trimmed away from the fence. Easily trim the grass around the pool fence with a quality whipper snipper.

When using a whipper snipper, go slow and pay attention. You do not want the string to hit the fence.

  • Read the Manual

Always read the manual that is provided with your fencing. This manual will let you know how to properly care for your pool fence so it will last for many years. Some fencing will require special cleaners. While these cleaners may damage other types of fencing.

Get Your Pool Fencing Installed The Right Way

A backyard pool is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while unwinding from a stressful day. They can keep you cool on hot days and give you a place to entertain your friends. But pools can be dangerous. 

To keep your family, friends, pets, and strangers safe, you need to install pool fencing. A fence helps to prevent people from entering the pool area without proper supervision. Pool fencing is not only for enhancing safety but also a great way to improve the look of your home. 

If you are interested in installing pool fencing, call a professional. They are able to help you choose the best material and design for your space. And they can install the pool fencing quickly and safely.