In Brisbane, we love our pools, the warm weather almost all year round is a perfect combination with a cool, refreshing pool.

A pool adds incredible value to your home for yourself and your family as owner occupiers but also as an investment later down the track if you chose to sell your home.

It is an element of luxury to have a pool, you invest a lot of resources into getting a pool for your home, why not finish it off with a fence that adds value to your pool, showcasing it in all its glory!

To follow Australian regulations, you need to have a fence around your pool to protect children, pets and wildlife from entering the pool unsupervised. But some fences detract from the look of your yard whilst others can add to it.

Have you considered glass as your frameless pool fencing material?

You may want to because glass has incredible properties that might just seal the deal for your decision.

  1. Luxury Feel- unobstructed view. A frameless, glass fence around your pool will do nothing but add value to your pool investment.

Your garden will appear more spacious, adding to the luxury feel of your back yard.

Frameless glass fencing will increase the value of your property by modernising your backyard.

Did I mention that these fancy frames look great in photos too?

If you are renovating your house, just like you would renovate your bathroom, renovating your backyard and pool will add incredible value to your home!

2. Safety and Security- you can see what is going on in the pool without obstruction.

Sturdy glass is very difficult for your child to climb over because it doesn’t provide any little spots that hands and feet can use as leverage.

It is a sad fact that one of the leading causes of death in children under the age of 5 in Australia is drowning, often in a pool in the backyard.

That is why it is law to have a fence around the pool, to keep kids out when unsupervised.

A transparent glass pool fence adds that extra layer of protection that can give you peace of mind that your kids and their friends are safe, preventing them from finding their way into the pool unsupervised.

3. Easy to Maintain – Just like you do with your shower at home, you need to regularly clean and maintain the shower to prevent deterioration and to ensure that your fence is in tip top shape.

Wash your glass fence with water and detergent regularly to keep it looing stunning!

Conclusion: Gone are the days of chunky old-fashioned pool fences that detract from your beautiful pool and yard.

Choose frameless glass fencing to complete your new edition to your home (or revamp your existing pool with a new fence).

Not only is this style of fencing aesthetically superior to other options, it also provides an extra layer of safety for your family where you can rely on to keep your kids and pets safe.

Find out more about frameless glass pool fencing to see if this is a good option for you.